Half OFF / Half the Store Sale


At our Van Gundy Jewelers location in Camarillo, California, we are holding our most anticipated event of the year! On Thursday and Friday, September 14th and 15th, our Camarillo store will be divided into two sides. Both sides will have gorgeous pieces offered, but on one side, our prices will be slashed to 50% OFF!

Whether you are looking for an engagement ring for that special someone, or a timepiece to purchase and save as a holiday gift, at Van Gundy Jewelers, you will find what you need.

All of the products that we offer at both of our locations are luxurious and elegant, no matter the occasion. Any woman would love the gorgeous selections of bridal jewelry, including but not limited to necklaces, bracelets, and rings. The pieces are delicate and crafted to perfection. Coming from many name brands, the fine jewelry offered is representative of all styles and is the definition of luxury. This exclusive special event is a limited time offer and the savings are simply too good to pass up.

We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards of quality. Supplied with beautiful fine jewelry from all around the world, the pieces are unique and timeless, sure to remain "in" throughout the years. The offer of this exclusive event is astounding to say the least.

Our fine jewelry ranges from the dainty and graceful impressions of gold, diamond engagement rings, to the more masculine, sturdy timepieces encased in luxury metal and leather. The Half Off Half The Store event is a dream to any would-be husband searching for the right ring, or elegant woman searching for the perfect necklace to wear to a formal event. There will be an array of immaculate choices, all for breathtaking prices. It seems almost a crime to miss this too good to be true event.

Make sure to stop by our Van Gundy Jewelers' Camarillo, California location September 14th and 15th.

Megan Van Gundy